Road Map To Harmony


Absolutely Love Love Love

DIEPPA RESTREPO Fall 2010 from Andrea Vargas Dieppa on Vimeo.

I want one pair in each color / material…

Absolutely in love with Dieppa Restrepo


Nacho’s Big ONE

Happy Birthday My Baby!

Night Owl Paper Goods…

by Alan Henderson and Jennifer Tatham. I first laid my eyes on these cute little wood covered notepads at the A.I Friedman store in NYC. These adorable designs are printed on eco-chic wooden goodies, and many other lettered pressed cards, buttons, invitations available on their website.

Love, love, love how unique these pieces are and how “eco-consicous” Alan and Jennifer are behind pushing another stationary line. They also do customized pieces too!!! Inner artists, are you ready?

Made By Julene

Beautiful, intricate and humorous are the three words I use to describe Julene Harrison’s work.

Julene is a British designer and illustrator. The first time I came across Julene’s work was on Etsy browsing through cute decorations for my apartment. I just simply love the time and effort that are put into creating these beautiful art work.

I will definitely need a piece for a future special event! Great work!

Because GOOD Is Awesome

Good is for people who give a damn.

Good blogs about current issues that goes on in the world using awesome graphics, video clips, and thought provoking articles. Many of the information design pieces called “infographics” help a designer like me to understand complicated concepts of why our nation is in debt.

Good currently produces a website, live videos, and print magazine. The print magazine subscription fee goes to an non profit organization of your choice!