Adidas By Stella McCartney

Adidas By Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2012 site features the women’s interactive lookbook of the season. The challenge is to create an experience that is fresh, current, and easy to navigate. Please view live site here.

Agency: Gin Lane Media. In Collaborations with Pelle Martin

New Work – Getback Live: ELP

Getback, is a complete brand identity and site redesign, featuring the rich and exclusive catalogue of legendary music band Emerson Lake & Palmer. Check it out!, ELP

Getback, a complete brand identity and site redesign, featuring the rich and exclusive catalogue of legendary music band Emerson Lake & Palmer. My role includes designing brand logo identity, mapping out entire information architecture and implementing final visual design.

New Site

Welcome to my new portfolio site.

I’ve added new features including top nav with work thumbnails for easy project access. Please feel free to browse around and dig.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more project updates!

– Yvonne

Booster Sale

The annual eMusic Booster Sales 2010 campaign includes email design, and various marketing banners. Sales resulted in a 300% increase in sales than year 2009.

eMusic Browse Page

eMusic Browse page featuring the extensive catalogue in both mosaic view and list view. The categories on the hand hand navigation can be opened an collapsed. When the user pick an selection, the selected title moves up, under browse header, while selection results are generated on the right hand side. User can browse further filter refinements by album, artist, labels, and composers.

Remnant Westside Church

This is a complete website redesign, from logo, brand identity, to wireframes and final visual design. Remnant Westside Church is located in New York City, and it’s target audience are mainly college students and young adult. The look and feel is streamlined, cool and fun.

eMusic Album Page

I was assigned to redesign the eMusic album page. The project required new wireframes, additional content information featuring large album art, track playlist, editorial review, customer review, and social media like facebook, fans and neighbors center.

eMusic Discovery Center

The eMusic Discovery Center aims to help users discover great albums in the wide eMusic music Catalogue. The user can browse by entering an artist name, or adjust the filter slider to generate album, artist results. I was responsible to design the user interface, as well as visual design that corresponds to the brand identity.

eMusic Widget

eMusic widget is designed to live on third party sites, like Facebook. The widget features the new and hot content from the eMusic site. The widget can be opened in another browser window, or link to eMusic mother site.